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The Court of Administrative Justice


In the Name of God


Do not follow your own desires, lest you deviate[1]


Court Order


Date:  138……

Number:  …….

Enclosure:  …….


In the Name of God


Date of hearing: 26 Farvardin 1387 [14 April 2008]

File number:  1/86/622

Court order number: 97


Investigating Authority:  Branch 1 of the Court of Administrative Justice


Plaintiff:  Sepehr Forouhari, Son of:  Farhad, [redacted]


Defendant:  Ministry of Science, Research and Technology – University of Khazar (Mahmoudabad)


Nature of Claim:  Appeal against expulsion


Procedural Synopsis:  The Plaintiff has lodged his statement of Claim against the defendant to the Court of Administrative Justice and it was registered under number 29307-14 Mordad 86 and allocated to this Branch.  Consequently, this Branch held an extraordinary session with the participation of the undersigned and after reviewing the contents of the file, adjourned the hearing and delivered its decision as follows:


Decision of the Court


After reviewing the records of this file and responses registered under numbers:  2688 - 13 Aban 86 [4 November 2007] and 2152 - 25 Shahrivar 86 [16 September 2007], and given the situation [the claim] of the Plaintiff is in conformity with the provisions of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution’s decision (Number S/M/1337 dated 26/12/69 [17 March 1991]) which has rejected [this type of] claim; given that [this claim] does not have valid grounds for appeal, as it does not show any breaches of the [related] regulations  that would validate his request; therefore nothing has proven that the plaintiff has any rights [in this matter]. Accordingly, his claim is disallowed and the afore-mentioned  decision in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of the Regulations of the Court of Administrative Justice, enacted in 1385 [2007/2008], is final.


Judge of Branch 1 of the Court of Administrative Justice



Court Advisors in Branch 1 of the Court of Administrative Justice

Moula Beigi, Ghavami


[Stamp] This is a true copy of the original [signature]


Handwritten note on the bottom of the page [illegible]












[1] [Quran 4:135]