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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Form Number 1


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Oil

Date: 26/5/1361[17 August 1982]

Number: 259/3b-h

Enclosure -----


In the Name of God

Early Retired Employee

Decision number 259/3 –h, dated 26/5/1361 [17 Aug 1982], Hearing Authority: Preliminary Committee of Restructuring of Human Resources –Number 3, Shiraz Oil Industry, Allegation: Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, Procedural Synopsis: The case file of Mr. Hasan, Surname Sabouri, Son of Ali Jan, born in 1301 [1922], Birth certificate [redacted], From Eghlid, Abadeh-Fars, Position: Accounting staff, Working service: 34 years, Work Location: Distribution, Employee number: [redacted], Education: high school diploma, Married, was considered.  In its meeting of 26/5/1361 [17 Aug 1982], the Committee considered the evidence presented and declares its verdict as follows:


“Committee Decision”

Considering the file documents and the report by inquiry group -------, Accused admission X, Accused defense X, Witness statement --------, expert opinion --------, learned opinion ------, and -------- evidence in the file, in the opinion of the Committee the allegations are proven.  He is in violation of the Restructuring of the Human Resources Act, which governs Ministries, governmental institutions and government-affiliated agencies, as approved on 5/7/1360 [27 September 1981]:

1- Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, [Clauses 8 Section 29] and

2- Clause ------ Article ------ and

3- Clause ------ Article ------ and

4- Clause ------ Article ------ and

Consequently, as set out in Clause 11, Section 20 of the aforementioned Act, is sentenced to permanent expulsion from government and government-affiliated employment.

This decision may be appealed to the review committee within 15 days of the date it is served (whether [in person] or [via posted legal decree]).


On behalf of the Head of the Provisional Committee for the Restructuring of Human Resources, Number 3 - Shiraz Oil Industry

[signature over official stamp]