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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Hamid-Reza Kahi

Lawyer and legal advisor

Date: 4 Esfand 1393 [23 February 2015]



Centre for Legal Advisers, Lawyers and Experts


Dear Prosecutor of Public Prosecutor’s Office, Najafabad


I respectfully submit the following:

According to your Honour’s order concerning the case file 951243 [illegible], the sealing of the workshop and the confiscating of the personal belongings of the plaintiffs of Mehrdad and Bahman Haghiri has been carried out. With regard to the issuance of a writ of non-prosecution following the accusation of “propaganda against the holy regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, please issue the necessary instructions regarding the withdrawal.

Thanking you,

Hamid-Reza Kahi [signature]


In the name of God,

To be brought to the attention of the honourable assistant of Branch 2 to issue an appropriate order.


5 Esfand 1393 [24 February 2015]


[Handwritten note at the top of the page:]

Honourable Intelligence and Security Force of Najafabad:

If the unsealing of the mentioned place has been [illegible] and the Public Places Supervision Office (bylaws) [illegible] breaking the seal [illegible]

Hosein Geramy

[Stamp and Signature]

Branch 2 of the Public and Revolutionary Court of Najafabad

5 Esfand 1393 [24 February 2015]