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Islamic Republic of Iran

(Association of Union Affairs Police of the Public Places Supervision Office)

Tonekabon City


Minutes for Sealing of Commercial Unit:

Pursuant to the joint warning Number 3554/14/3/92/1, dated 8 Aban 1392 [30 October 2013], the Office of Trade Union Affairs and the Police for Supervision of Public Places in Tonekabon, we, the following signatories, were present in the electronic commercial unit of Ms. Iran Mirza-Agha at 17:30 sharp on Saturday, 11 Aban 1392 [2 November 2013], located in [redacted]. As the mentioned person has not taken any action to obtain a [business] licence in the field of electronics from the Electronic Union, therefore, according to Article 27 of the Trade Union regulations, the mentioned commercial unit, in relation to its unit manager, the commercial unit is sealed and closed.


Signature Section:

1. Mr. Shakouri [signature], Representative of the Association of Union Affairs

2. Mr. Karimi [signature], Representative of the Police for Supervision of Public Places

3. Mr. / Mrs. ----- [signature], Manager of the commercial unit