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[Adapted from website:] HRANA - Human Rights Activists News Agency

[Date:] 19 Aban 1400 [10 November 2021]


Supplementary Report on The Sealing of the Business Premises of 9 Baha’i Citizens in Mazandaran

HRANA News Agency – On Monday, 17 Aban [8 November], the business premises of eight Baha’i citizens in Qaemshahr and 1 other citizen in Babol were sealed by the officials of the Public Places Supervision Office. The sealing of these citizens’ businesses was carried out under the pretext of a two-day Baha’i religious holiday. HRANA had previously identified six of these individuals in an earlier report.

According to the HRANA news agency, the news organ of the Iranian Association of Human Rights Activists, after identifying three other citizens, the number businesses owned by Baha’i citizens in Mazandaran Province, which were sealed by the Public Places Supervision Office, reached nine on Monday, 17 Aban [8 November].

HRANA verified the identity of these citizens, Soheil Ahmadzadegan, owner of commercial unit for distribution of various types of adhesives in Qaemshahr, Sepehr Hashemi, owner of carpentry trade in Qaemshahr and Payvand Bagheri, commercial unit for alarm installation, cameras and electric shutters in Babol. The sealing of these citizens’ business premises took place on the pretext that the Baha’is closed their businesses to observe a two-day Baha’i religious holiday on Saturday and Sunday this week, however, two of them did not close their businesses on the mentioned days.

An informed source told HRANA, “Mr. Hashemi’s and Mr. Nowkhah’s business premises were not closed on those mentioned days and their shops were closed only for lunch. However, the Public Places Supervision Office has sealed their business premises based on a film made at the same time. After the protest of these citizens to the Public Places Supervision Office, they were told to provide evidence to prove their claim. However, after presenting the video and proving that the places of business were open, they were told that the case had gone to Sari for a final decision and would have to wait for an order from the Provincial Centre.

HRANA has previously verified the identities of 6 of these citizens, Nima Nowkhah, puppet and children’s play guild, Nabet Asadi, eyeglasses repair guild, Soheil Babaie, sanitary ware guild, Kourosh Rezaie, refrigerator and air conditioner repair guild, Maziar Abbasi, paints and building materials guild, and Zekrollah Akbari, welding and ironwork guild.

It is worth mentioning that in 1394 [2015/2016], the business premises of a number of Baha’i citizens in Mazandaran Province, including the Baha’is of Qaemshahr, were sealed by the order of the Public Places Supervision Office. It is said that the reopening of some of these business premises has been prevented despite the passage of six years.