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Ministry of the Interior

Political Department

Date: 16/10/1325 [6 January 1947]

Number: M/6453/S/12907





His Excellency, the Prime Minister


In reference to letter number 7818/2 – 17/7/1325 [9 October 1946] regarding the petition of a number of Bandar-Gaz residents, complaining about the behaviour of Baha’i residents there, you are hereby informed that the matter was referred to the Office of the Governor General of the Second Province for investigation.  The report received shows that Muslims’ complaints about the Baha’is were due to common use of the cemetery and the public bath.  A committee formed to resolve the dispute decided that the Baha’is should separate their cemetery from the Muslim cemetery and avoid going to the public bath.  The Baha’is are bound to do the same.  The said petition is returned herewith and submitted in its entirety.


Deputy Interior Minister, [signature: Fereydouni]


[Margin 1:] The petition is not enclosed.  To be reviewed and archived if what is said, is done.

[Margin 2:] Record, 16/10 [6 January]

[Margin 3:] Number 42012 – 16/10 [6 January]

[Margin 4:] Archive