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The difficult task of overseeing the enforcement of the Constitution[1]

[Section 7, Minorities]


[Page:] 630


In the Name of God


Number 80-7662

Dated 10/10/ 1380 [31 December 2001]


Valued brother, Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Khatami

Esteemed President of the Islamic Republic of Iran




Based on a report, dated 9/10/1380 [30 December 2001], which was presented about Articles 88 and 90 of the Constitution at the official meeting of the respected Committee in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, where I was present, some of the employees working at the level of governmental establishments are being deprived of civil rights based on their relationship to and belief in the Baha’i sect.

As a reminder, on 12 Bahman 1367 [1 February 1989], the respected prime minister, with the agreement of the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, issued a memorandum to all of the ministries, departments, government establishments, organizations of the Islamic Revolution, and governors’ offices, as follows:

“None of the responsible authorities and directors [of government departments] of the Islamic Republic of Iran is allowed to deprive individuals of their social and legal rights whose spying or deprivation of social and legal rights has not yet been proven or ordered [by any court].”


By providing the background to the issue, and in consideration of Article 23 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as the president and the authority responsible for enforcing the Constitution, your decision and opinion in regard to the necessity of upholding the civil rights of the human resources of the Baha’i sect, would clear the path [for moving] forward.


Seyyed Mahammad Abtahi





[1] [From a book: Vaẓífih Dushvár-i Niẓárat bar Ijráíh Qánún-i Asásí, Majmú‘ih Mukátibát va Naẓaríát Ḥuqúqí Hía’t-i Paígírí va Niẓárat bar Ijráíh Qánún-i Asásí 13761384 (1997-2006). Dr. Ḥusyn Mirpúr, Tehran, Thálith Publication, 1384 (2005)]