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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Office

In the Name of God

Number: 810/7624

Date: 13 Shahrivar 1369 [4 September 1990]

Enclosure -----


Mrs. Sedigheh Bahadorani

To address: Karaj [redacted]

With greetings,

As indicated in letter number 720/14657, [date:] 8 Mordad 1369 [30 July 1990], you have received the sum of 1,925,983 rial unlawfully after your dismissal from government services, so [you are instructed to present yourself] at this office, located at Sieh Tir Avenue, Building number 2, Ministry of Education, as soon as possible, and arrange to repay the above-mentioned amount; otherwise, action will be taken as necessary through legal channels to collect the above amount, including any loss [of interest] incurred [by us] in the meantime.

Hasan Ebrahimi-Motlagh


Director General of the Office of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

Copy: Head Office, Accounting and Financial Affairs, reference letter number 720/5758, [dated]

4 Shahrivar 1369 [26 August 1990]