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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Ministry of Education

Department of Technical and Vocational Training

Shahadat High School


Number 99

Date 22 Mehr 1363 [14 October 1984]


In the Name of God

This is to certify that:

Miss. Rozita Bayat, daughter of Abbas-Ali, birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted], born in [redacted], is, studying the first year of [the] Health [Sciences course]  in this high school, in school year 1363-1364 [1984-1985].

This certificate is issued at the request of the aforementioned to enable her to enroll in another high school and is not valid for any other purpose.  In addition, we advise that the above-named was expelled from this high school owing to her being a Baha’i and was engaged in her studies until 22 Mehr 1363 [14 October 1984].



Principal of the Shahadat Commercial High School

[Official stamp]



Address: North Eskandari Street – Shabahang Street – Number 20

Telephone: 929602