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In His Exalted Name 


From: Group 22 Artillery [eligible] Staff

To T-F [?] NZAJA [Army Ground Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran] (Personnel Management of Human Resources of Officers)


Number: 1-701-03-26

Date: 13/11/1358 [02 February 1980]


Subject: Dismissed Bahai Officers


Reference [illegible], number 403-03-66, [dated] 3/11/1358 [23 January 1980]


The three below-mentioned officers have been dismissed from the Islamic Republic Army on 1/10/1358 [22 December 1979] for being Bahais. This Command is satisfied with their services and asserts that they never engaged in promoting their religion for the duration of their service. It is requested, therefore, to make appropriate arrangements pursuant to addendum 2 of the above mentioned directive regarding their pension, and inform this office of the results.


Superintendent of Group 22 Artillery Staff, Colonel Reza Rezaei




  1. Major Samiollah Tavakkoli
  2. Major Manouchehr Eslahpazir
  3. First-Lieutenant Mostafa Khatibi