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Judicial System

Date:  17/5/1383 [7 August 2004]

Number:  7/2653

Attachment:  83-3/187-609


In the Name of God

Mr. Sayyid Bani-Hashemi and Mr. Sayyid Kazem Akbari

Judges of the first branch of the Public Court of Sari

Subsequent to your enquiry number 1/2306, dated 3/4/1383 [23 June 2004], the recommendation of the Legal and Legislation Department of the Judiciary is as follows: 

Consideration of the claim made by the followers of the mentioned sect for compensation for damages caused by a motor vehicle accident is permitted and legal, in view of article 3 of the code for civil legal proceedings in the Public and the Revolutionary Courts, ratified on 21/1/1379 [9 April 2000] and article four of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and finally based on the decree of Imam Khomaini in response to a request by the Supreme Judicial Council for a religious pronouncement on the matter of non-Muslims who live in Iran, whether or not belonging to one of the recognized religions, in which he stated: “In His Name the Exalted; these infidels are under the protection of Islam and are subject, like Muslims, to Islamic law and their blood may be spared and their property is to be respected.” 

Chief executive of Legal and Legislation Department of the Judiciary

Gholam-Reza Shohrati


[Official stamp]