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Ministry of Interior

Mazandaran Governorate General

Governorate of Sari



Islamic Republic of Iran

“Year of Support for Iranian Goods”


Number: 361/M1/8935-25

Date: 12 Khordad 1397 [2 June 2018]

Enclosure: -----



The Honourable President of Sari Chamber of Guilds [Commerce]

With greetings, and respect, a copy of paragraph 6 of the minutes of the Commission on Tribes, Sects and Religions, and the text dated 15 Ordibehesht 1397 [5 May 2018], is attached below for your necessary information and action.

Copy of Paragraph 6: It was decided that the General Directorate of Industry, Mining and Commerce should inquire from the main Office of the [Ministry] of intelligence prior to issuing any license for trade activity for the applicants of the perverse Baha’i sect. Take action after receiving the answer.


Esmail Hasanzadeh

Acting Governor of Sari County



Esmail Hasanzadeh

Acting Governor of Sari County


[Stamp] Confidential


The honourable President of the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Sari, for information, take necessary action in coordination with the public places police of the county and announce the result.

For the information of the security and law enforcement unit


12 Khordad 1397 [2 June 2018]