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In the Name of God

The Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution

2 Dey [13]85 [23 December 2006]


With greetings,

Respectfully, I would like to convey that, I, Sara Naddafiyan Ghamsari, participated in the National Entrance Examination of the [academic] year 1385 [2006], and was able to choose a field of study with a rank of 2241. I was accepted into Shiraz University in the field of fluid mechanical engineering (on the second round). At the appointed time, I went to the appointed place for enrolment. After completing the enrolment process and filling in the relevant forms, my enrolment was denied. Considering that my competence for studying in the university, like that of thousands of other Iranian youth, was confirmed by the Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization, and my name was published in the Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization weekly bulletin, why is it that, without any legal barrier, the University of Shiraz has denied me education, which is the legal right of every capable citizen who meets the required conditions?


I hereby request the respected Council to assist me in regaining my legal rights.


With appreciation,

Sara Naddafiyan Ghamsari



Address [redacted]

Telephone number [redacted]