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The Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization

Application for further review of the results of the National University Entrance Examination (Type and year of examination: [illegible])


  1. Last Name: Naddafian Ghamsari
  2. First Name:  Sara
  3. Gender:         □X Female        □ Male
  4. Birth certificate number:  [redacted]
  5. Year of birth:  [redacted]
  6. File number:  4707513
  7. Application number:  2647348
  8. Examination Group (field):  Technical Mathematics


  1. This section is specifically related to those applicants that have not been accepted into any of the codes of the selected fields or are objecting to not having been accepted to the higher fields.
  1. Not being accepted in the selected fields ____
  2. Not being accepted in the higher fields____



This is to inform you respectfully that, I applied to the relevant university to register.  Following the completion of the relevant enrolment procedure and filling in the relevant forms, after reviewing the form of my beliefs, they informed me that my enrolment had been revoked.  I spoke with the Security Office member, Mr. Hemmati, to follow up the matter.  He said: “I have a verbal order not to enroll you. I should have a written order for your enrollment.”  I asked him where should I refer to.  He said, “Nobody in here will give you an answer.” In order to pursue the matter, I went to visit the vice chancellor of the University and after 22 days of pursuing [the matter], I was told by the vice chancellor, “I will not enroll you in the University of Shiraz.”  I said, “The other universities have enrolled.”  He said, “I act independently here.”  After I insisted on being given a written response, he said, “I will not give you a written response either; you can go wherever you wish to pursue [your case].”  Subsequently, I shared the matter with the vice president for academic affairs of the university. 


Postal Address: (Write the address of the attached envelop)

Province: [redacted]

City: [redacted]

[Address:] [redacted]

Name and Surname: Faramarz Naddafian Ghamsari

Telephone Contact: [redacted]

Notice: this section will be filled in by the organization:

Signature of the applicant: ----

The result of the investigation: ----

Name and surname of the investigating officer: ----

The public relations office of the Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization]


[Stamp: Registration Place and Date:]

[Number] 71085

[Date:] 27 Aban 1385 [5 August 2007]