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In the Name of God


The Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

National Naval Force

(Telephone: -----)


From: Personnel Office, Third Naval District of Khorramshahr. 

To: Head of technical supplies

Subject: Employee, Sara Golshan

Number: /02/172/69

Date: 3 Ordibehesht 1359 [23 April 1980]

Enclosure: -----


In accordance with Administrative Order number 802/03/31- 23 Farvardin 1359 [12 April 1980], the above mentioned civilian is dismissed from employment in the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is due to her adherence to the Baha’i religion and is in accord with the Circular issued by the Government Cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the approval of a Five-Member Committee.

Please give directions so that the aforementioned is notified of the matter while settling her [employment] account.

Commander of the third naval district of Khorramshahr: [Navy] Commander Navai


Receivers of categories 23-14-12-6-5-4- Logistics R – Documents – Tariff – Department – directives are for your information and appropriate action.


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