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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 4 Mordad 1316 [26 July 1937]


Direct – Requesting Special Attention


His Excellency Mr. Jam, the Prime Minister

We, drovers of Sangsar, residents of Tehran, with utmost regard, present to Your Excellency the following:

Recently, the police of Semnan arrested and imprisoned nine (9) of our relatives and next of kin without [their having committed] any crime; they only closed their shops on their religious holiday on 23 Tir 1316 [14 July 1937]. [This caused] their family’s stress and halted their [ability to earn a] livelihood.

In this bright period of progress in Iran, everyone, especially the business owners and those involved in free trade, has enjoyed the bounty of security and comfort. If, one day, someone has taken a day off for personal reasons, they had not, until now, been the targets of misunderstanding and criminal judgment, especially those individuals who have always been honest subjects and have no records of faults or misconduct.

Therefore, we plead with Your Excellency to order the release of these nine individuals, who are completely innocent and did not know that closing their shops would be considered a crime, so that by their release we [can] increasingly pray for His Majesty the King and your blessed person.

Your orders will be obeyed.

[Signatures below the letter:] Haj Baba Sobhani [signature and seal]; Mohammad Shahriari [signature and seal]; Bagher-Ali Sobhani [signature] [illegible]; Ma’sum Saghai [signature]; Mohammad [illegible] [signature]; Hosein-Gholi Taheri [signature]


Address: Bazaar, Sarai – Haj Mohammad Ali


[Stamped at bottom:] Entered in ledger of the Cabinet of Ministers, dated 4 Mordad 1316 [26 July 1937], number 6712.


[Handwritten note in top left corner:] Reply. Taking days off and closing shops outside days indicated in official workbook is considered a crime.