[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Book number: ------



Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone


Date: 1319 [1940]


From: Sangsar

To: T [Tehran]

Receipt number: 118

Telegram number: 16

Number of words: 167

Date of Original: 26

Remarks: ------

Date received: 27 Khordad [1319] [17 June 1940]

Name of recipient: ------


Prime Minister, with copies to the Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of the Interior. With utmost respect, we convey the following. Nine merchants have been arrested by the Sangsar Police Department in their homes, not having committed any crime and without investigation, and have been issued a notice of exile after being delivered to the Security Office of Semnan. Another group of individuals have been forced to flee and remain anxious under various pressures and assaults by the agents, who openly insult and beat them in the name of religion. Not one of our men is able to stay in this place and the shops and the pharmacy are closed for fear of exile without any investigation or fault. As a result of the sudden attack of the agents, a sixteen-year-old young man has unexpectedly died of shock and fear in prison, and they have inflicted upon us the pain and suffering of exile. We beseech the responsible authorities of the sacred Kingdom to order an investigation and free the innocent prisoners and leave the others in peace. We are obedient to the orders of Your Highness.



The humble families of the imprisoned merchants of Sangsar: Zahra Mazloumi, Nour- Nesa Heirani, Rezvaniyyeh Laghaie, Ghamar Momtazi, Zeinab Hamedi, Leili Sabeti, Zeinab Golestani, Gol- Nesa Laghaie, Zeinab Sajedi