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[Personal information has been redacted.]


The Mostazafan Foundation

Office of confiscated properties


Date: 3 Mordad 1358 [25 July 1979]

Number:  2095

Enclosure: -----


In the name of God


[From:] The confiscated Nonahalan Company

[To:] Samandari Travel Agency


In reference to letter number 85, dated 27 Tir 1958 [19 July 1979] of that esteemed institution [Travel Agency], according to the existing books, the balance of the current account number 5457 of that institution with this Company at the end of 1357 [1978/1979], is 13,579,784 rials.


This letter has been prepared for audit and [tax] declaration purpose for the Samandari Agency account and has no other value.


Acting Head of the confiscated Nawnahalan Company,


[Signature over the official stamp]