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In the Name of God

Number: B – H 2465

Date: 12/4/1370 [3 July 1991]


Notification of Charges

Mrs. Saltanat Sabet Sarvestani, [widow] of Mr. Khanollah Sabet Sarvestani, daughter of ----- Place of work: Education Department ----- this is to inform you that according to the content of your late husbands case file, you are accused of being a member of the perverse Baha’i sect.

The charge regarding his Baha’i membership is covered under Article 2 of Paragraph 19 of the Employment Arbitration Act, which makes such membership an infringement of the [Act]. Under the circumstances, you are being notified to send your defence in writing to the Secretariat of the Primary Board of Employment Arbitration at the Head Office of the Education Department of Fars Province, or submit it personally, within 10 days of receiving this notice.

Notice: Failure to submit your defence within the deadline is considered as a renouncement of defence, and the order will be made in absentia.


Head of the Primary Board of Employment Arbitration of the Department of Education of Fars Province

[signature over official stamp]

23/4/1370 [14 July 1991]


[handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Shiraz 10/5/1370 [1 September 1991]