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The Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Application Form to the Court of First Instance


Plaintiff: Zohreh Laghaie; Name of the Father: Mohammad-Ali, Age: [redacted] Optometrist, Residence: [redacted]

Hosein Vali-Mohammadi, Name of the Father: Jalal, Age: [redacted] Optometrist, Village [redacted]

Saied Darab Najafabadi, Name of the Father: Abdul-Khalegh, Age: [redacted], Optometrist


Defendant: 1- Department of Health of Nazarabad – Nazarabad – Imam Khomeini Street, in front of Imam Khomeini Park

2- Public Places Supervision Office of Nazarabad- Nazarabad, Modarres Boulevard, Public Places Supervision Office of Nazarabad


Subject and Its Value: Appeal for reconsideration and objection to the Council’s decision

Application Enclosures and Evidence: Copy of the issued ruling number 87-1064


Description of Petition

Esteemed Judge of Nazarabad County Court,

I respectfully convey that we have filed a complaint, case number 87-1064, against the defendants, regarding the illegal sealing of our business premises and associated harassment. The honorable judge of the council has issued a writ of non-prosecution. Therefore, according to [this ruling], we have proved our case. As the respected judge of the council has issued a judgment of acquittal and a writ of non-prosecution, we therefore declare our objection.


Saied Darab Najafabadi, Hosein Vali-Mohammadi, Zohreh Laghaie