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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

University of Shiraz


Date: ---

Attachment: ---


Respected head of the School of Engineering,

Since Mr. Saeid Sobhi Najafabadi, son of Asadollah, with identification number [redacted], born in [redacted], issued from [redacted], of the faculty of Civil Engineering, with student number [redacted], is being deprived of continuing his education at the University of Shiraz, due to Order number 5296 – 2/SH.M, dated 6 Shahrivar 1363 [28 August 1984], of the Central Admission Council, kindly have his name removed from the list of the students of that faculty.


Address: Najafabad [redacted]

On behalf of the Manager of Educational Services & Academic Documents

University of Shiraz

Mohammad-Hassan Tahririan




  1. Accounting Department of the University
  2. Health Centre of the University
  3. Student Affairs Office
  4. Guardian of the Students
  5. Students Affairs Office

             It is brought to your attention that:

The mentioned student has benefited from free education for half a year, using an amount of --- rials from the benefits of the Student Welfare Fund.

  1. The Circuit of Military Service of Shiraz: Attached is the Education Exemption Card, number 2659, and classified file number 2974/KH, dated 27 Farvardin 1356 [16 April 1977], submitted for annulment.
  2. For the information of the Gendarmerie Legion of Najafabad.

M. N.T It should be mentioned that the mentioned student has not settled his account.


[Stamp] in the middle of the page

19 Ordibehesht 1364 [9 May 1985]