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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 28 Bahman 1387 (16 February 2009)


The latest report on the raid on Baha’i homes and the arrest of Baha’is in Semnan

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Ms. Sahba Rezvani (Fanaiyan) was one of the Baha’is arrested in a raid on the homes of Baha’i citizens in Semnan on 15 December 2008 (25 Azar 1387). The case of Ms. Rezvani, who is charged with “illegal formation of the group of Khademin-e Semnan” and “membership in the illegal group of Khademin-e Semnan”, was referred to the court on 12 February 2009 (24 Bahman 1387) and she was sentenced to three years in prison.

In addition, she was sentenced to eight months in prison for “propaganda against the holy order of the Islamic Republic of Iran through organizing classes and courses and the distribution of educational CDs, and individual propaganda for the benefit of the perverse Baha’i sect.” In addition, according to the order of the deputy prosecutor and the claim that “There is no suitable place to keep her in Semnan Prison, and due to her insistence on propagating Baha’ism in any suitable place”, she will be transferred to Tehran Prison. This seems to be the first official example of a sentence in which a Baha’i citizen is convicted [because the] the Baha’i administrative organization has been declared illegal.