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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Sahar

[Date:] Tuesday, 26 Ordibehesht 1334 - 17 May 1955 - 24 [25] Ramadan 1374


Mr. Falsafi, I Would Like to Inform Your Honour,


Mr. Falsafi,

I swear by God, I am a Muslim too, and  I, like you, wish for Islam to become universal, and for there to be no other religion in the world than Islam, and that the cry of God Almighty will resonate in all parts of the world, in the heart of the jungles of Africa and above the American skyscrapers.

I swear by God, the names of the Prophet (PBUH) and his daughter Fatimah (PBUH) and his son-in-law Ali (PBUH) and his grandchildren Hasan (PBUH) and Husayn (PBUH) and many other Imams of Islam affect my soul…

Mr. Falsafi – The religion of Islam does not need the stick, takfir [heresy], … pickaxe, shovel and destruction of the Haziratu’l-Quds. The religion of Islam is the religion of justice and fairness and virtue and greatness and self-sacrifice. It is the religion of freedom, spirit, thought and enlightenment of the heart… There is no need for swords, spears, guns, machine guns, and shouting. You have started your fight in the name of defending the religion of Islam. This struggle is sacred and [worthy of obedience], as long as it does not exceed the limits of goodness, fairness and justice…

But where there is coercion and pressure and suppression of thought and belief, beatings and incitement and murder and massacre, not only [do I not agree with you, but neither does any other truth-seeking Muslim] ....

The same people who may rise today to the occasion of the takfir of the Baha’is and go to the homes of the Baha’is and commit murder are not satisfied with the result of their work. Again, I have to say that this practice of coercion and torture will weaken the certitude of their faith.

It is said, “Has the Baha’i sect just appeared?” and “Is the Haziratu’l-Quds newly built?” “Have the Baha’is just now started to propagate? Then why have the clergy not paid attention to this for thirty years? And at a time when the country is on the verge of reform and the interests of some corrupt people are at stake, they are entertaining people [in this way].