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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Sahar

[Date:] 10 Mordad [31 July]

[Issue No.:] 10


Reception Talks Were Significant

His Excellency the King, while responding to the chairman of the parliament, pointed out the necessity of expediting the approval of the bill on income tax law. [His Excellency] particularly emphasized that the principle provided in the law, which has been approved by the commission, is not enough and it is appropriate to receive at least fifty per cent as the tax revenue from incomes that are over two million rials. [He said that] he considered the adoption of such a decision to be effective in the provision and expansion of social justice. And Taghizadeh’s statement that “the hope of the progressive and enlightened Muslims is that the period of the reign of His Majesty as a true Islamic civilization will be accompanied by the knowledge and enlightenment of the intellect—and free from [the] discrimination and stratification that spread during the decline of Islam after the Mongol domination and had made the enlightened religion turbid—[and will] flourish and thrive, and [that] Iran will once again become the centre of the Islamic world and the science, knowledge, civilization, civility of the Muslim nations, and the likes of Ghazali and Khajeh Nasir – al - Din will rise again in the corners of this country, making the true spirit of Islam dominate by its radiance” becomes noteworthy, especially the remarks being made by Senator Taghizadeh, at a time when Muslims are on the verge of Muharram, and specifically, shortly after the clerics’ sharp religious propaganda, signalling the senate’s dissatisfaction with extremist religious practices.

The failure to raise the issue of the fight against the Baha’is in the senate itself confirms this. It is said that Taghizadeh’s remarks may be the last statement that has been made in this case, and that this issue will be silenced forever.