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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Sahar

[Date:] Tuesday, 14 Azar 1334 – 6 December 1955 – 20 Rabi‘ath-Thani 1375

[Issue No]: 26


What Did the Fadaian-e Islam (Devotees of Islam) want from me?

Within last two issues, you read the introduction and the preliminary conversations with Mr. Vahedi. Now the rest of our discussion. Mr. Vahedi, in response to my question as to what sort of insult was pointed at His Holiness Ayatollah Borujerdi, opened the sixth issue of Sahar Newspaper and showed me the following text, written in a frame:

“My dear sir: your order was delivered. This servant tried his best, [within] his power, to start the fire…but at the moment, no further steps can be taken. There is a need for the elapse of two months for me to open a new topic to fuel the fire again—I firmly beg you not to send your offering in paper form [cash], which is very difficult to exchange.”  

I was puzzled by his showing me this. I asked him [Mr. Vahedi], “How do these phrases relate to Qom Seminary and to His Holiness Ayatollah Borujerdi?”

He [Mr. Vahedi] said, “This is an insult aimed at him.”… Unnaturally surprised—which tremendously affected him—I said that the point of this sentence…[was] to disclose the trouble-making imposters [clergy] who are the foreign agents, and, as you know, take advantage of the issue of Baha’is, and [such clerics] are mushrooming everywhere these days.  … 

But, [he said,] “…of course we also ask you not to write about the Baha’is from now on…”

I told him:…“I am also a Muslim…and believe that any civilized person has the duty to protect and to promote the freedom of belief with utmost diligence…and it is for that reason that I disagree and challenge how the Baha’is are being dealt with, because it is against the freedom of belief, the Charter of Human Rights, and the laws of Iran.…”. 

He [Mr. Vahedi] said, “His Holiness Ayatollah Borujerdi has decreed it.”

I said, “I have not seen a decree by His Holiness Ayatollah Borujerdi ordering people to loot the Baha’i homes and kill them, or that forbids socializing or engaging in commerce with the Baha’is, to the point that the security forces have to occupy their gathering places to prevent attacks by the mobs.