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[Newspaper:] Sahar

[Date:] 30 Aban 1334 - 6 Rabi’ath -Thani 1375 - 22 November 1955

[Issue No.:] 24


Forever: Religion Should Let Go of Politics

When, in the month of Ramadan, the month of worship and obedience for the Muslim people of Iran, the roaring cries from the city’s most significant pulpit, by one of the most famous preachers of Tehran, reach the ears of the Muslim people of Iran, who are fasting, they are stirred up owing to differences of religion and belief, and while their emotions are boiling, they attack and take the lives and livelihood of their fellow citizens in the name of the holy religion of Islam.

We knew and used to say that, “If judgment and the conduct of affairs is to be left to religious sentiments, and the spiritual and religious emotions rule over the destiny of people, it will eventually burn dry and wet together, and these [religious] prejudices and emotions of the Muslim people will not always go in the right direction, and according to the best interest of all, and as always, it will be an effective tool for implementing accursed foreign policy.

Indeed, if because of the arousal of the religious sentiments and rhetoric of a religious preacher [Falsafi], a Karbala of Hosein and Mashhadi Mahmoud are created in Hormozak of Yazd and people are provoked, instigated and allowed, based on their own judgment, to penalize the Baha’i, Hazynollah, Nejatollah, Ataollah and Shoaollah, it will undoubtedly become easy and natural for Nawab Safavi to raise Mozaffar Zolghadr’s religious sentiments to implement the Quran’s commandments and assassinate the head of government, who is more harmless than a butterfly and more innocent than a nursing infant. This is why we believe that at Ramadan, Mozaffar’s weapon was loaded and his religious sentiments were nurtured and aroused in those days, and today its fuse was ignited. It is in this way that control of the affairs is lost and peoples’ lives will be destroyed and fall into chaos.

With anticipation at the same time, and with a sense of optimism, with no fear of derision, threat and persecution, we expressed what we considered to be expedient for the religion, the worldly affairs and the nation. Now that the reality of what has happened has actually been confirmed and what we said has been proved, we are more explicitly and fearlessly prepared than ever to withstand any pressure and say that religion and politics should be separated forever...