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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Sahar

[Date:] 1 Bahman 1337 [21 January 1959]

[Issue No:] 156


This Gas Game ....

This gas game of the government and the National Development and Planning Organization, which, by piping [the gas] will take it from Abadan to other [places], is going to get us into trouble.

What do you want from the gas, whose flames signal the fire worshipping?

[For what purpose] do we want the chemical fertilizer - especially the chemical fertilizer made by a group of infidels?

Why, by this action, do you remind the people of Zoroaster and the fire worshipping of Zoroastrianism?

The different irreligiousness, such as the Kasravi game and the Baha’i game, were not enough, and now you are bringing up the religion of Zoroaster, too?

It would be better that we leave the subject of the gas, the chemical fertilizer, factories and science and whatever the irreligious foreigners are making and be content with what we have!

These unclean, irreligious foreigners, whose women use so many beauty products and [so much] perfume that the foul smell of it weakens one’s determination [seduces]!

Truly, this will be the destiny of a country whose prime minister has been studying the anatomy of the human body in the schools of the infidels for years, and whose minister was satisfied amongst the Christians learning about the circles and triangles to become an engineer, so that its people would now become fire-worshippers and act contrary to the Islamic law ?!

If one of the students of Gowharshad Mosque had been selected as the prime minister, none of these new things would have happened and we would not have been faced with the events of the Day of Resurrection!

Yes, finally this government will get us into trouble!

“Worse than all, announcements should be made to stop the gas-game and the promotion of worshipping fire.  It is then that we will again be forced, in order to silence these gentlemen, to dedicate a few newspaper columns to Bahaism, printing the pictures of the Bab, Shoghi Effendi and Jean-Paul Sartre and things such as this and be accused of Bahaism and Existentialism!”

O God, come to our aid!

O God, protect us from these Satans, the noise of the car and the new technology that come with irreligiousness.

Amen, Oh God of the world!