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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Sahar

[Date:] Wednesday, 9 Khordad 1334 - 31 May 1955

[Issue No.:] 4


Political News

The Government Has Been Strengthened

The situation of the government has improved since a few weeks ago. The government’s victory over the issue of religious conflict, which was resolved without any convulsions or insecurities, has been very effective in strengthening the government….

The rumours about the confiscation of Baha’i property, deportation, and immigration are untrue. The government has particularly mentioned in the circular that irresponsible people will not have the right to interfere in the performance of government duties. Those who create insecurity under religious pretexts and violate the rights of others or create illegal harassment will be prosecuted. The government’s practice in the international circles has been effective and has neutralized the prejudiced propaganda. Existence of the Indian pagan house [temple] in the Pamenar neighborhood, where they perform their religious rituals and no one bothers them, has been regarded as an example of Iranians’ national growth.

The Plan of Mr. Safaei

 Mr. Safaei’s plan has not been yet presented in parliament. The sacrifices of several deputies prevented parliament from adopting an unusual procedure. The issue was silenced in the senate, despite the insistence by some deputies that the issue of fighting the Baha’is be addressed in the senate. Several representatives close to clergy, have tried, in contact with Qom and other religious circles―considering the situation of the world―to convince the esteemed religious personalities that it is unnecessary to pass a new law. 

It is expected that this matter will remain [dormant] for at least another two or three months, and the government, through its legal and rational actions, will be able to satisfy the religious authorities and at the same time protect the rights of the Iranian people.

[Ayatollah] Kashani’s Return and His Silence

Last week, Ayatollah Seyyed Abol-Ghasem Kashani returned to Tehran without any notice or preparation, and with unexpected silence, he is currently watching the situation. The silence of Ayatollah Kashani about the Baha’i issue has attracted the attention of the political circles. Ayatollah Kashani has always been the flagbearer of the struggle against the Baha’is. He has repeatedly resorted to harsh measures against them, but during this time he has remained silent and has not commented.

One of the ayatollah’s friends informed us that Ayatollah Kashani did not consider it wise to create convulsions in the country at this time, and considered it to be against the reform plan. It is said that the reason for his sudden return was that he had been asked in Mashhad to issue a statement in this regard. But since he did not want to make any statement, he had to return to Tehran.

From Tehran

… Sahar Newspaper was an appropriate loudspeaker and a worthy preacher for the Baha’is… The editor of his Muslim newspaper is like some other Muslims that commit thousands of betrayals and crimes and they practically pickax the religion and again consider themselves Muslims….

Apparently, the writer has used drugs and narcotics and had recourse to nonsensical and falsified proofs. Who wanted to destroy the Baha’i homes? Who wanted to kill the Baha’is?   Who has put these thoughts in his mind?  Where are all of these coming from?

And where did you find this melancholy? ...

He writes, “Is not the clergy apparatus, with all those skilled scholars and scientists, capable of fighting [Baha’is] with logic and reasonable argument to propagate the religion?”

It is really strange that such a writer, who is a biased and corrupt writer, would ask such a question!

Oh Thoughtless One!

Do Baha’is understand logic?  Do aghnamollah [sheep of God] understand rational argument? Are Baha’is and their learned and scholars ready to talk?

You who are so ignorant and uninformed, why do you launch such attacks?

Sahar [Newspaper] – May God guide the enemies of truth.