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Record of interrogation and proceedings


Islamic Republic of Iran

The Islamic Revolutionary Courts - Yazd Providence

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Court classification 1629/74/D

Verdict number 1651/74/D-R

On 3 Mehr 1374 [25 September 1995], a session of Branch Number 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Yazd was convened by the undersigned to investigate file number 70/59/1066. Having reviewed the contents of the file, the conclusion of the investigation was announced, and the following verdict was issued.


Court Verdict

In case file 70/59/1066, related to Safa Mirafzali, son of Abol-Ghasem, having considered the contents of the file and report number 1682/M/233, dated 1 Shahrivar 1374 [23 August 1995], of the Head Office of the Yazd Intelligence Agency, which indicates the named person is a follower of the perverse Baha’i sect, who died some time ago and, with the exception of one daughter named Tahereh, who is a Muslim, the rest [of his family] all are connected to the perverse Baha’i sect, the court rules that one fifth [khoms] of [the estate] be allocated in favor of the Division in Charge of Enforcing the Imam's Order, and the rest to be given to his Muslim heir.


Chief Justice of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice, Branch 1, Yazd



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To be implemented in accordance with the law - Fallah



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12 Mehr 1374 [4 October 1995]