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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Post, Telegram, and Telephone

Office of -----

Date: 23/02/ [1357] [13 May 1978]

Number: H/604

Enclosure:  -----


In the Name of God

To: Mrs. Roya Kamalabadi: resident of [redacted]

From: Department of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

According to a notice from the Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Teaching Centre, you were prevented from completing your studies, before fulfilling your undertaking as stated in agreement number: 121979, dated 4/12/1356 [23 February, 1978]. Consequently, based on the aforementioned agreement, an amount of 675,300 [six hundred seventy five thousand and three hundred rials] is owed by you to the relevant Ministry as compensation for the tuition related to your studies as well as financial assistance that you received.

In view of the foregoing, it is necessary that you pay said amount to account number 8001 of the Treasury – Head Office at the Central Bank of Iran as soon as possible, and send the receipt to this office. Otherwise, we will take legal action against you and your guarantors.

Najaf-Ali Berahman

For: Head of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs



Copy to:

-  Mr. Valiollah Kamalabadi (guarantor) Residence of [redacted]