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Iran South Fishery Joint Stock Company

Date 9/2/1359 [28 April 1989]

Number A 2/22/3/519


Mr. Rouhollah Shafiee

According to letter No. B /402/93, dated 5/9/1358 [26 November 1979], from the Ministry of National Defence, those individuals whose religion is not an officially recognised minority religion must be dismissed from their employment. In view of your perverse Baha’i religion, which is not officially recognised, you are dismissed from your post in the Regional Fishery of Hormozgan Province effective 6/12/1358 [25 February 1980], and you no longer have a position in the Fishery of the South. You are advised to present yourself to the company’s Accounts Department to settle your account.

Director General of the Iran South Fishery Joint Stock Company



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