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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Central Prosecutors, Islamic Republic


Date: 28 Mordad 1363 [19 August 1984]

Number: 18581/4/61

Enclosure: No enclosure




This is to testify that, Mr. Rouhollah Sadeqzadeh, son of Nasrollah, from 2 Tir 1361[23 June 1982] to the end of 18 Mordad 1361 [9 August 1982] has been imprisoned in this Detention Centre and has been freed by the arrangement of warranty and credible bail.


The Public Prosecution Office of the Islamic Republic

[Signature over the Official Stamp] Central Office of the Prison of Evin - Executive Affairs [illegible]


[Official Stamp] Security of the Revolutionary Prison of Evin

Exit is unobjectionable