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Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Faculty of Medical Science, Health and Treatment Services of Rafsanjan


In the Name of the Almighty


Number: DP/31/9/1722

Date: 31/6/1389 [22 September 2010]

Enclosure: None


Mr. Jafari Naveh


Respected Deputy of Training, Medical College


Respectful greetings;


This is to submit for your attention that Mr. Rouhollah Ghodrat, medical student, entry year 1389 [2010], owing to certain reasons, and pending information from the Central Council of Gozinesh [placement] of students and instructors at the Sanjesh Assessment and Evaluation Organization, is banned from participating in classes until further notice.



Mohammad-Mohsen Taghavi

Director of Training





  • Mr. Ghodrat, for information
  • File records


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