Rouhollah Ghedami

Born: 1924

Abducted and murdered in Muzaffariyyeh, Khuzestan on 15 June 1992


Rouhollah Ghedami was a retired employee of the Iranian Railways and occupied his time farming in the village of Muẓaffariyyeh, near Islam-Shar.  After the commencement of the Islamic Revolution his pension was cut off on the basis of his adherence to the Baha’i Faith.

On 15 June 1992, at 11 pm, two men arrived at his home and abducted him.  There was no news of him for several days.  Then on 17 June 1992 a man named Solayman Aynollahi appeared at his home with a key and claimed that he had purchased the house from him.  The man ordered the tenants to vacate the premises.  The tenants reported the incident to the police and Solayman Aynollahi and his brother Rahman Aynollahi were arrested.  The Office of Criminal Investigation carried out a detailed investigation and determined that the two brothers had kidnapped Rouhollah Ghedami, forced him to sign a document stating that he had sold his property to them, and then stabbed and strangled him, and took his body to Qom highway where they set it on fire.  His charred remains were discovered by police several days later.  The case was referred to the Islamic Judicial Court and over a year later, on 9 September 1993, a verdict was issued.  The brothers were found guilty of kidnapping and murder; however, the Court stated that according to Islamic law of Qisas[i], punishment for deliberate murder could not be applied to the murderers because the victim, Rouhollah Ghedami, was a Baha’i.  Furthermore Diya (blood money, monetary compensation for his murder) was not awarded either.  The Court acquitted the two brothers of the death sentence and instead issued an 18-month corrective imprisonment term which included the time that they had already spent in detention awaiting the verdict of their trial.


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[i] Qisas is one of several forms of punishment in Islamic Penal Law