[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Alyaf] Public joint-stock company



Date of Issuance: 31/5/1361 [22 August 1982]


Given Name and Surname:  Rouhollah Agahzadeh, employee number [redacted]; Department: Planning Section; Last position [illegible] Supervisor; Hiring Date: 14/2/1348 [4 May 1969], Final Day of Employment 31/5/1361 [22 August 1982]; Termination Date of termination 1/6/1361 [23 August 1982]




Describe clearly the [Reason] for dismissal.


Pursuant to the order [of the Purification Committee], for being a [follower of] Baha’ism and for his affiliation with the [perverse] sect [Signature]


Section Supervisor


How was the [attendance] and absence of the person in question, within the Alyaf Company?  Good---X----Average------Undisciplined-----------


[Illegible] work, Good:------X------ Average------below average-----------


Should someone else be employed [illegible]? No----X------, Yes-----------


Section Supervisor [Signature]


Section Manager


Director of Administration [Signature]