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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

Number: 31/11837/14114

Date: 25/03/1370 [15 June 1991]


In the Name of God

Immigration and Passport Regulations Office of the Disciplinary Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Further to letter number 31/18857/27486, [dated] 29/06/1367 [20 September 1988], according to communication number 32/5309, dated 25/03/1370 [15 June 1991], of the Office of Revenue Services in Tehran, Mrs. Rouhieh Bayat, daughter of Ahad, (birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted], Iran) has paid her outstanding taxes, thus her leaving the country so far as the Revenue Services is concerned is not an issue.  

Ahmad Hoseini

Deputy Revenue Services



- Office of Tax Collection and Revenue Services in Tehran, with reference to the above-mentioned letter, for information

- Department of Revenue Services, along with history

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8/3/7445/11 [date:] 5/04/1370 [26 June 26]

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Review Unit


27/03/1370 [17 June 1991]

26/03/1370 [16 June 1991]