Rostam Varjavandi

Born: 30 November 1917, Maryamabad, Yazd

Passed away in prison in Tehran on 15 September 1984


After completing his primary school, Rostam Varjavandi’s father put him in an apprenticeship at the shop of a relative in Tehran.  He later entered the military, and after completing his military service started a business as a cloth merchant.   He pioneered to Sari in 1958 and 2 years later returned to Tehran.

On 30 October 1983 his wife was arrested.  He was not home at the time and was arrested 3 days later when he presented himself to police.  He was beaten badly and kept in solitary confinement for several days before being transferred to Qasr prison.  One month later his wife was also transferred there.  While in prison he became very ill and suffered from severe asthma.  He passed away on 15 September 1984.  His body was laid to rest by his family and in accordance with Baha’i law.  His wife was permitted to attend the funeral.  She was released from prison one week after his death.


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