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[Adapted from website:] Feragh va Adyan (Roshana)

[Date:] 28 Mehr 1398 [20 October 2019]


The Autumn Issue of “Roshana” Quarterly is Published

The eighty-second issue of the specialized quarterly, Feragh va Adyan (Roshana) has been published and made available to the [readers]. In this issue of Roshana, the study of one of the most challenging and, at the same time, the most important, categories in the field of sects and religions―namely “anti-sectarian law” in the form of a special file is on the agenda.

…In other sections of the quarterly, a collection of interviews, articles, reports, and analytical notes on Baha’ism, the Hojjatieh Society, Sufism, emerging sects, and Evangelical Christianity are presented, taking into account the current issues. In this issue of the quarterly, in order to observe structural content diversity, an attempt has been made to use various structures and contents, in diverse and new templates, in the field of design and writing.