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In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Number: -----

Date: 21 Ordibehesht 1363 [11 May 1984]


Name and surname: Rezvanieh Yazdidoost, daughter of Hosein

To the kindest people in this world,

I fervently ask God that all of you my dear ones are healthy. I am well and thinking about you always. I hope that God will favour me again with the joy I had before so that I can return to my beloved family. Please forgive me for causing you pain and trouble. Do not forget us in your prayers. Give my greetings to all the relatives. Kiss my everlasting blossoms, whom I miss tremendously. If you visit the light of my eyes, extend my greetings. Dear Zohreh and Houshmand, congratulations on your new arrival. I hope his birth will bring blessings, and that he will be healthy. It makes me extremely happy that Shayan has a cousin.


Your daughter, Rezvanieh Yazdidoost

Address of sender: Evin Prison, Ward 3, Downstairs 3rd Floor


We pass through the nights of separation and stay alive

Never presumed to have been so resilient


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