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Date: 6 Mehr 1359 [28 August 1980]

Number 70/59/966


Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor - Yazd

In an out-of-session hearing, the Court considered the Bill of Indictment and the case documents; after consultation, [it] concluded the hearing and issued the verdict as follows:


Court Verdict

With regard to the accusations made against Jamshid Lor Mehdiabadi, son of Ardeshir, with Baha’i credentials number [redacted], as he is a member of the perverse Baha’i sect, and consequently engages in espionage on behalf of foreigners, such as the oppressor of the world, America, and the occupier Israel, and in view of their aim to establish a Baha’i government in Iran to carry out orders from America, Israel and the National Assembly of Iran, with a view to oppressing Muslims, and based on documents received from the Document Centre of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the citizens’ petitions from the life-sacrificing people of Yazd, and given the guidance of Ayatollah Sadoughi, recorded in file 70/59,  [illegible] the allegations are confirmed. In accordance with Order number 70/59, the properties [owned by the accused] are to be confiscated. Provisions should be made to pay his debts and also for the maintenance of his family, in the event they have not fled [the country] and are prepared to refrain from Baha’i activities.

The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice – Yazd


Executive Addendum 82 of Yazd Province

Number 418

Date: 19 [illegible]