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So judge among the men in truth


Central Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor


Islamic Republic of Iran

The Central Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice

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Page 9706


In the Name of God

On 5/8/1362 [27 October 1983], in an extraordinary session, Branch 12 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court held a meeting to discuss the case of Dr. Sirous Alaie, son of Abdol-Ali, shareholder and the CEO of Radco Company [illegible]. 

The content of this individual’s file indicates that he is one of the leaders of the perverse Baha’i sect; an active and prominent teacher of the Baha’i administration; a member of the National Assembly; a member of the Continental Board of Counsellors; a member of the Committee for Pioneering and the East and West Communications Committee; representative of the National Assembly at the meetings of the Central Consultative Association of 16 Regional Committees of the Zionist Baha’is; [a participant]  in the implementation of long-term Baha’i colonial plans and in the presentation of various plans for propagation and economic affairs; in direct contact with the Baha’i espionage centre in Israel and other Baha’i assemblies; has played an active role in international Zionist communications; and is one of the theoreticians of the perverse Baha’i sect, such that his effective role in the Pioneering Committee and in important ideological missions, and the presentation of plans and thinking have been appreciated by the Baha’i administration.

The details of his services and deeds, and the range of his activities inside Iran and at the international level are reflected in the report of the Prosecutor’s Office.  Alongside the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic, he fled the country, and [now] lives with all his family members in the United States of America. However, the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of the Central District is of the view that all movable and immovable property and assets of Dr. Sirous Alaie and his Baha’i family, who are all outside of Iran, and also their shares in corporations and banks, should be confiscated in favour of the State Fund on behalf of all Muslims, as [Dr. Alaie and his family] are all considered to be non-Muslims who are at war against Muslims. His case file is submitted to the Supreme Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal for its comment, so as to allow this court to reach a conclusion after hearing the views of the Tribunal.

Sharia judge, 12th Branch of the Central Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice

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5/8/1362 [27 October 1983]

[stamp:] Certified Copy