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Termination of Commissioned and Non-commissioned Officers

1. On 29 Aban 1358 [20 November 1979], pursuant to a recommendation from the Ministry of Defence, the Council of the Iranian Islamic Revolution approved a Single-Article titled employment ban in the Armed Forces for those who are not adherents to (Islam, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity), which was published in Ettelaat Newspaper on 29 Azar 1358 [20 December 1979].

2. On 15 Azar 1358 [6 December 1979], in accordance with [order] number 701/03/45, 51 officers of Ground Forces’ personnel were dismissed due to their adherence to the Baha’i ideology, from the first of month of Dey of 1358 [22 December 1979].  The details were recorded in section 2 of Public Order number 75.

3. In letters and telegrams addressed to Ayatollah Khomeini, the Revolutionary Council, the Ministry of Defence, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Ground Forces, as well as other forces, commissioned and non-commissioned officers have given compelling evidence to support their contention that this Act [is] contradictory to the verses of Quran, the statements by the clergy, and human rights norms; they have pleaded for justice.

4. The Article also includes the suspension of the pensions of the Baha’i pensioners.

5. Telegrams and letters are written on behalf of the Baha’i community, pleading to the authorities for justice.



Single-Article: The employment of individuals who are not followers of Islam, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity, is absolutely prohibited in the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Addendum 1: Individuals who are not adherents to one of the religions stated in this Act, and who have previously been employed in the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, will remain employed, provided they are guided and sincerely accept Islam; otherwise, their employment will be terminated.

Addendum 2: Pensioners, salaried officers, and those receiving stipends from the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, will be deprived of their salaries in the event they do not adhere to a religion stated in this Act, unless they are guided and sincerely accept Islám.

Addendum 3: Non-commissioned officers and civilian employees and pensioners and their beneficiaries are excluded from this Act under Paragraph 2, as they are financially disadvantaged.

Addendum 4: The evidence of guidance and acceptance of Islam as the true religion is [the provision of] written evidence from a marja-e taghlid (religious source of authority) attesting to the renunciation of their previous faith, and the publication of these details in a widely circulated newspaper.

6. Following proceedings, complaints and extensive follow-ups, the following supplementary bill was issued:

Supplementary Bill to incorporate Addendum One to the Prohibition of Employment Act for those who are not adherents to one of the official religions on 22 Aban 1358 [13 November 1979]


Enclosed herewith [is the] Addendum of the Prohibition of Employment of Armed Forces Bill with respect to those who are not adherents to one of the officially-recognised religions – Islám, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity – approved on 19 Aban 1358 [10 November 1979].

Addendum – In the event that the Ministry of Defence determines that said individuals have not proselytized their Faith during their employment, and have served with honesty, and have not undertaken to promulgate their ideology, they will be retired or made redundant from their service.

In case individuals are eligible [under] the above conditions, under Addendum 2, [they] will continue to receive their salary.


Islamic Republic of Iran Revolutionary Council