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Copy of decision

Mr. Ali-Asghar Bozorgi, an engineer and the head of the route and buildings of the Southern region number 10619, according to addendum /5 of the National Budget Act of the year 1343, on the date of 1 Azar 1339 [22 November 1960], received a promotion from Level Seven of Engineering to Level Eight of Engineering with a salary of 19,800 rials. The rate of deduction for retirement, based on 8% and the difference of the first month, will be taken as the benefit of the government and for the retirement fund. Meanwhile, payment of the difference and the date of using it depend on securing the credit and issuance of a separate decision. 

Iranian National Railways



10 Khordad 1343 [31 May 1964]

In respect to the religion, according to the job application which has been signed by the beneficiary, the applicant’s referee  and his office manager, the religion has been mentioned as Islam on it and it is certified herewith that  [under] number 11615/25, date of 5 Khordad  1344 [26 May 1965], the full amount that needs to be paid to the retirement fund, the difference of allowance of the first month with the rate of 8% deduction for retirement, in case of the availability of credit as of 1 Farvardin 1343 [21 March 1964], is payable.

On behalf of the Director General of the National Retirement Office, Mostafa Kazemeini


Three copies to:

Office of Finance of the Railway

Copy to the railways of the South

Copy to the railways of the South to Mr. Engineer Ali Asghar Bozorgi