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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Bahá’í World News Service

[Date:] 30 Bahman 1387 – 18 February 2009


Baha’i response to the open letter of a group of [Iranian] human rights activists, intellectuals, scholars, artists, writers and journalists


Dear Ones,

Your defense of the rights of the wronged and oppressed is a source of pride not shame.  We, a group of Baha’is in Iran, are rejoiced to see that through your conscientious action a significant process of an intellectual renaissance of the Iranian community is set in motion, a process of attention to truth in an absolute manner notwithstanding the source or cause; also, a process to defy injustice anywhere and on anyone, and to merely defend the right of the wronged regardless of belief, gender, race and ethnicity.

We must acknowledge that the manner in which the Baha’i community has endured such injustices has somewhat contributed to the delay of such reaction by you beloved Iranian intellectuals, for you were observing a community that, unlike what would ordinarily be an expected reaction, in accordance with its religious principles does not hold a grudge against its oppressors and does not consider revenge.  [A community which] turns to the oppressor for grievance and in utmost kindness gives the tormenter the chance to evaluate its wrongdoing.  [A community which] directs all negative forces of oppression it receives to the wrongfulness of the act and not to the doer.  [A community which] over the course of a few generations totaling over one hundred and sixty years, has not only endured with utmost patience and forbearance, it has never seized to lose its exuberance and vigor.

This historic statement from you, the fair-minded and informed Iranian friends, is indeed a calming balm on the wounds of this wronged community.  Let us also declare that according to our principles we are not only responsible but also obligated to defend the violated rights of our countrymen, regardless of their views, beliefs, gender and ethnicity.

May this unification and its spread among the community at large, disperse dark clouds of tyranny and permit at last the sun of justice to soon shine its rays on this land, of which it has been long bereft. 


A group of Baha’is in Iran