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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God


The Islamic Republic of Iran

The Ministry of Health


Date: 26/3/1361 [16 June 1982]




Fear of God is the essence of all wisdom.  Imam Ali


The Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court


Greetings to you,


In reference to letters number 1062, [dated] 29/1/ 61 [18 April 1982], and 3383, dated 21/2/ 61 [11 May 1982], concerning the complaints of Dr. Sina Hakimian and Mrs. Sholeh Missaghi, a copy of opinion number 500/1093, [dated] 13 Khordad 61 [3 June 1982] of the Parliamentary and Supervision Deputy Director of the Ministry of Health is hereby enclosed for [your] information.


Mohammad Momenan,

Deputy director in charge of administration and finance