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In the Name of God


The Islamic Republic of Iran



Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution



Date: 1/12/73 [20 February 1995] [illegible]



Respected Head of the Special Court [?] [for the enforcement of ] Imam’s [Khomeini’s] Orders dated 16/6/1368 [7 September 1989)

Subject: Confiscation of the properties of the Rameshni family


With respect and greetings, in view of the fact that the confiscation order against the Rameshni family, issued by Branch 13 of the Court and confirmed by the Supreme Court, clearly stated that [the subject property] be confiscated for the benefit of government, the Registry Office is objecting to ownership of the property by the Shahid Foundation.  In light of your implied confirmation in the complementary order about Farhang Ramishni dated 16/4/69 [7 July 1990] and the consent of his highness the Supreme Leader dated 27/9/68 (18 December 1989) which clearly stated that confiscation should benefit the Islamic Revolutionary Shahid Foundation, in conformity with the written judgment of Branch 13, number 4516 dated 28/11/64 (17 February 1986) and 3/6/65 (25 August 1986), would you kindly resolve this problem.


The judge of Branch 2 of the Enforcement of the Decisions of the Islamic Revolutionary Courts of Tehran


Copy to:  Manager of Investigation and Recovery Unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Shahid Foundation, concerning letter number H/88/42/36/7586 dated 8/8/73 (30 October 1994) for your information--you will be notified of the result when the case finalized.


[Handwritten text:]


In the Name of God


20/12/1373 (11 March 1995)

To the Office for the Enforcement [of court decisions]


In the light of the above statement and the content of the judgment and given that in the written judgment issued by the Sharia Judge of the court, who has ordered that the properties be transferred to the Shahid Foundation [illegible], therefore to enforce the aforementioned order, the subject properties are to be confiscated in favour of the Shahid Foundation and should be possessed by Shahid Foundation.  The offices [illegible] please provide assistance as needed.


[Certification Stamp:] This is a true copy of the original document

Signed and stamped by different offices [illegible]