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Ministry of the Interior

The Governorate of Zabol


Dated: 26 Shahrivar 1322 [18 September 1943]

Number: 214


Confidential, urgent


The Governorate of Zabol


In reference to [letter number] 115 – 26 Shahrivar 1322 [18 September 1943], the police force, in accordance with the rules and with respect for the administrative orders, [has] managed to prevent [their activities] and will continue to do so. Those specific individuals [Baha’is], for now, are not openly undertaking any activity that would warrant a [legal] pursuit. However, as reported before, residents of Zabol are not happy with the arrival of the Baha’i people and their residence in their locality, and therefore [they are] lodging complaints. Further instruction is provided that immediately after witnessing any open promotion of [their faith] by [the Baha’is], [the officers] are to prosecute them.


Acting Commander of Police Force of Zabol,




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