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[Newspaper:] Resalat

[Date:] Monday, 15 Dey 1365 [5 January 1987] – 4 Rabi’al-Awwal 1407

[Issue No:] 288

[Page:] 14


An Observation of the Influence of Removal of the Veil in Iran

(A Social Analysis)

Part One

…Now the first part of this analysis:  The History of Unveiling in Iran

… These immoralities were the results of the inauspicious tripartite conspiracy of British colonialization, Reza Khan and Baha’ism. The purpose of this colonialization was to weaken and degrade Islamic values—or, in more expressive words—destroy the “Islamic collective conscience” among Muslims of different nationalities. The main and ultimate objective of Baha’ism can be summarized in this sentence: “Up to now, you were obliged to obey the Islamic commandments, but as of the revelation of the Bab, no Muslim is permitted to follow the commandments of Islam. Live life with utmost pleasure and be liberated from everything”.

Hamfer [?] the British spy, regarding the circumstances of the destruction of the belief, faith and sincerity of the Muslims, and issues that have been propounded by the British colonialization ministry, [describes] the materialization of the unveiling of Muslim women and the official propagation of the Wahhabi ideology. He says: “We must exert extraordinary efforts for the removal of veils by women, so that the Muslim women will be eager to lose their veils and drop their chadors. We must prove by historical evidence and reasoning that the covering of women started during the Bani Abbas period, and [the wearing of veils by women] is absolutely not an Islamic tradition. People used to see the wives of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon Him) without a veil…

Invasion of Perverse Baha’ism in the Culture of Removal of the Veil

… Baha’ism designed and executed an inauspicious plan, and this anti-Islamic mission was commissioned to one of the first followers of this ideology, a woman by the name of Quratol-Ayn … [She] appeared “without veil” in the company of men and announced the glad tidings that, “from now on, your wives can, like men, participate in social affairs”. She was the first woman in the contemporary history of Iran, according to the instructions of a colonial school, to remove her veil from face and body and appear in men’s social gatherings. With this act, she placed the first stone of unveiling in the Islamic society of Iran. Her appearance in the eyes of people is a fact that all historians agree upon. However, they have cited various motives for this act…Quratol-Ayn, who was promoting this movement through her speech in different gatherings and assemblies, was confronted by the harsh reactions of people and Islamic clerics, and was arrested through people’s pressure on Nasiruddin Shah. She was hanged in the Mazandaran region in the year 1286 of the Islamic calendar [1869].  Her body was thrown into a well. 

Thus, the story-book of the first woman—who, through her connection with the colonialization of Babism, had started the first melodies for unveiling by women, and herself became the first unveiled woman of Iran’s contemporary history—was closed… But by the demise of this woman, not only did the idea of the removal of veils by women—the main plan of the global colonialists, within the framework of destruction of the cultural heritage of the Muslim nations—fail to disappear, but it was also strengthened through the assistance of Freemason societies and other lovers of the West. However, in reality, Quratol-Ayn (the Baha’i woman) was its initiator and Reza Khan was its supporter…

Subsequent to this incident, which is unprecedented in Iran’s contemporary history, the decision by Reza Khan to remove the veils was reaffirming the other one. These two events are successive conspiracies of Satan and global colonialization. Because of Reza Khan’s coming to power, Islamic culture was attacked by the colonial culture. The first target chosen to facilitate this opposition against Islamic culture were the females of the society, and the practice of removing the veil was propounded …