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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Resalat

[Date:] Tuesday 25 Shahrivar 1365, 11 Muharram 1407 [16 September 1986]

[Issue No:] 196

[Page:] 3


Hidden relationship of the United States with Israel


[An exploration of] the relationship of the United States with Israel would be incomplete and flawed if it were only to analyse the mutual political relationship, the affiliation of the Zionist groups with the American government and their common influence on each other….


An individual by the name of Farnoush, one of the members of the Jewish societies of Shiraz, who has been studying in America for nine years, reported to the American Consulate while applying for immigration to America. In the same document “Mendic”, the reporter, writes on behalf of Mr. Farnoush that some of the Jewish people of Iran are considering immigrating to Israel, while the rest believe America as a safe place [to which to immigrate]. Mr Farnoush mentioned that religious discrimination in Shiraz is less than in other cities of Iran, yet such discrimination still exists. For example, his sister, who is a nurse at the Namazi Hospital in Shiraz, has [found out] that there is a scroll in preparation by the fundamentalist Muslims in which the dismissal of the Zionist and Baha’i employees from the hospital is mentioned.


…One of the political groups, which is the invention of United States colonialism, has falsely called itself a religious minority, which, by its being named thus, is proof of the endorsement and support of the United States for the perverse Baha’i sect. It is good to know that in the City of Haifa, occupied Palestine holds the grave of Mirza Hosein-Ali Baha, the successor of the Bab, who, at the end, called himself the God of the Baha’is. Such a matter indicates the reason for the attachment of the Baha’is to Israel and the union of apparently religious policy at the service of a political and world-grabbing policy.


The previous shah of Iran, [being] naturally united with imperialism and Zionism, had an optimum relationship with the Baha’is. [The first document] of the 37 volumes of documents of the “Espionage Nest”[1] has an interesting topic in this regard. We read in this document, “From a numerical point of view, Baha’ism is expanding, and on the level of decision making, it is using its influence with the government. For example, one of the members of the Baha’i [sect] was Colonel Abdol-Karim Ayadi, the personal physician of the shah; Colonel Fereidoun Jam (retired), who was the Iranian ambassador in Spain and the previous teacher of the shah’s child, was a staunch Baha’i and close friend of Colonel Ayadi, and at least one of the commanders of the Imperial Air Force of Iran, as well as some of the high-ranking officials and common employees of the Air Force [were Baha’is].”


As the matter of Baha’is is not related [directly] to America and Israel, we do not press this matter anymore, but we investigate the relationship of the Iranian Zionists, who, besides the political attachment to Israel with the former United States Embassy in Tehran and their intelligence relationship…






[1] [This term is used to refer to the former United States Embassy in Tehran, which was occupied by “Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s Line” on 4 November 1979]