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[Adapted from website:] Resalat

[Date:] 12 Dey 1389 [2 January 2011]


Interview of Seyyed Kazem Mousavi, Editor-in-Chief of Shaffafiyat Monthly, With Resalat:

The Baha’i Sect Has Targeted the Identity and National Security of Iranians

Interview with Arash Tahmasebi

Hint: Faction and sectarianism is one of the challenges that is growing and spreading like mushrooms in our country in recent years. The emergence of so-called mystical sects has now become a serious challenge for our society. However, the Baha’i sect is one of the oldest sects in Iran; at present, it has extensive propaganda activities in Iran. Therefore, in order to further evaluate the nature of the Baha’i sect and the manner of propaganda of this perverse group, we conducted a conversation with Seyyed Kazem Mousavi, a researcher on the Baha’i sect, the director of the Roshangar Studies Institute [Feragh Va Adyan (Roshana)] and the editor-in-chief of the first specialized publication supporting the sect’s victims in Iran (Shaffafiyat Monthly), the text of which follows below.

[Q] “Mr. Mousavi! The sacred Islamic regime has shown over the past three decades that the rights of minorities have always been respected. For example, today all religious minorities, whether Zoroastrians, Jews, or Christians, are represented in the Islamic Consultative Assembly. However, from the beginning, Iranian law has declared the Baha’is to be an illegal group. Indeed, why are Baha’is not considered [religious] minorities?”

[A] “From its inception during the Qajar period until today, Baha’ism has been a current dependent on the policies of the Russian and British colonial powers, and today, the United States and Israel. On the other hand, this organization has always taken steps to serve their interests with the slogan of cosmopolitanism, to the point where they challenged the two important elements of Iranian identity, namely Islam and nationality, the first by proclaiming the abrogation of Islam and the second by the slogan of cosmopolitanism. Therefore, we find that this sect is not considered a religious minority at all; rather, it is in the category of political sects, a type of cult. Let’s see, the reason for the opposition of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Baha’i organization is, first of all, the organizational activities of this sect. Secondly, the Baha’i organization has targeted the security and identity of the Iranians, and this is what causes the Islamic system to take a stand against this organization. But I must also point out that despite the opposition to the Baha’i organization from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s point of view, the citizenship rights of Baha’is in Iran have never been violated.”

[Q] “Does not the structure of the Baha’i organization form the basic rights and freedoms of individuals?”

[A] “In my opinion, the Baha’i organization, due to its sectarian structure, is considered one of the most important obstacles to the citizenship rights of Iranian Baha’is in the country. Due to the sectarian structure of the Baha’i organization, some Baha’is are overtaken by mental illness and have become psychologically affected, and some have become isolated after years of membership.”

[Q] “What is your analysis of Baha’i activities in recent years? If possible, explain the most important techniques Baha’is use to attract people.”

[A] “You see, the Baha’i organization is like a sponge; that is, when it is under pressure, its activities are limited, but when it considers the space suitable for work, it increases its promotional range. As for the way the Baha’i organizations propagate, it should be said that this sect basically promotes and recruits the vulnerable people of the society, because such people cannot find the truth behind the deception of these organizations. The way the Baha’is begin to recruit may be different, but one basic principle remains, and that is to use a great deal of deception to attract people. The organization is well aware that if the Baha’is of Iran had known from the beginning why and how they were recruited, they would never have joined the organization. According to some reports, many pyramid schemes operating in Iran are affiliated with the Baha’is. Some believe that during the pyramid activities, the Baha’is sought to attract the uninformed.”

[Q] “What is your opinion about the economic nature of the Baha’i organization?”

[A] “In this regard, it is not possible for me to name a company, but I would like to draw the attention of the officials and the people to the fact that unfortunately some of the products currently produced by the Baha’is in the country do not follow the fatwas of many great marja-i-taqlid [sources of religious authority], as it is not permissible to have social contact with the Baha’is and it is also forbidden to deal with them. In case of their contact with food and edibles, it is obligatory to observe the issues of taharat [cleanliness and purification according to Islamic religious laws].”

[Q] “Thank you for participating in this conversation.”

[A] “Thank you.”